Check Out New Plans For Sylvan’s Lakefront


June 19, 2018

Sylvan Lake Hosted An Open House To Show Residents The Plans and Ideas They’ve Come Up With For The Town’s Waterfront.

 The Sustainable Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan Is In Phase 3 After Getting Resident Feedback From Workshops and Surveys Over The Past 9 Months

 Some Key Themes Important to Residents Include Year Round Activities, More Shopping, and Keeping As Many Parks & Green Spaces Available

 People Say The City Is Doing A Great Job Finding New & Fun Activities For the Lakefront, and Making It Easy For Pedestrians to Get Around.

 However They’re Worried About the Economic Health Of The Lakefront, Parking, and Bike Accessibility

 Planners Have Added Some Plaza’s to the Plans Though, In Hopes of Curbing Those Worries From Residents

You Can Check Out All The Plans For Yourself By Clicking on the Link Below